Dog Photographers of the Year Announced

The Kennel Club in the UK hosts the International Dog Photographer of the Year Competition every year, and the resulting images are always fantastic. This year is no different.

There are 10 categories, including puppies, rescue dogs and dogs at work. The aim of the competition is to perfectly capture the bond between human and dog.

The main winner for 2017 is Maria Davidson from Portugal. It won the overall winner prize, as well as the ‘Man’s Best Friend’ category.

Overall Winner And Man’s Best Friend 1st Place Winner: Maria Davison Ramos, Portugal

dog photographer

Dog Portrait 2nd Place Winner, David Yanez, UK

dog photographer of the year

Rescue Dogs Charity Category 3rd Place Winner Kaylee Greer, USA

Oldies Category 1st Place Winner John Liot, UK

Dogs At Work 2nd Place Winner Lucy Charman, UK

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