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Local Animal Shelters Facing Closure

Local Animal Shelters Facing Closure

The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) is concerned about the animals in the Krugersdorp area and urge the public to make use of the surrounding SPCAs.

This follows after an article in the Krugersdorp News on 2 August 2017 about the 9th Day Animal Shelter, a “no kill” animal shelter, which started shortly after the Krugersdorp SPCA closed its doors. The shelter is running at full capacity, occupies over 150 animals and may face closure due to high expenditure and possibly being evicted from its current premises.

This proves the importance of having an SPCA in your municipal area to take in all the stray and unwanted animals that have no other place of safety. The SPCA movement in South Africa is the only animal welfare organisation that is governed by an Act of parliament and may not refuse admission to any stray or unwanted animal.

The Krugersdorp SPCA closed in March 2015. The Society did not receive any support from its community which resulted in lack of funding and support, and ultimately forced to Society to close its doors permanently. An organisation such as the SPCA is a community-driven force which is over and above dependent on local residents for financial support.

The Krugersdorp SPCA has been under management of the Johannesburg SPCA since 2009, both operational as well as financial. Unfortunately the Johannesburg SPCA was no longer in a financial position to continue with providing funding for the operations in Krugersdorp.

The surrounding SPCAs have committed to continue taking in stray and unwanted animals, and responding to cases of animal cruelty in the Krugersdorp area.

Residents with urgent emergencies, cases of animal abuse or wanting to hand over stray or unwanted animals are urged to contact or make use of the neighbouring SPCAs in Randburg, Randfontein and Roodepoort.

Randburg – 011 462 1610

Randfontein – 011 412 3114

Roodepoort – 011 672 0448

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