National Lotteries Commission cuts Animal Welfare Funding

Animal welfare organisations are devastated after the National Lotteries Commission (NLC) announced that it would no longer be funding them.

The NLC’s mandate states that it acts as a catalyst for the eradication of poverty and the reduction of inequality in South Africa, and as such, it will be focusing on supporting and uplifting disadvantaged women, children and the elderly going forward.

The NSPCA warned against this, as cutting animal welfare funding would have an impact on humans as well. The NSPCA also treats animals against diseases such as rabies, which is in the interest of everyone within any given community.

The NSPCA will now have to spread its budget very thin, as it has relied heavily on the lottery funding for the past 15 years. This will also have an impact on the services it offers the public.

From the NLC’s side, it only has R2 billion per year for charity funding, which is not enough to support the R40 billion worth of funding applications it receives per year.

The NSPCA says that it’s considering its options and will decide whether to take the matter further.

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