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Your Ultimate Natural Festive Season Hangover Fix

Your Ultimate Natural Festive Season Hangover Fix

One of the best thing about December is the opportunity to just sit back with and have a drink. Relax, comforted by the knowledge that there’s nothing to do but eat, drink, sleep and repeat.

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Unfortunately, hangovers tend to ruin the day after said relaxation, but Boost Oxygen reckons they have the ultimate babbie solution.

It’s a light-weight, easy-to-use cannister, and in addition to helping with sports performance, promotion of personal health and fighting fatigue, it can also help cure a nasty hangover. It’s made up of 95% purified oxygen and 5% ambient air.

How exactly can boosting the oxygen levels in your bloodstream help fix a crippling hangover? It is no secret that consuming a significant amount of alcohol leads to headaches and nausea. Alcohol stays in your bloodstream for many hours and significantly reduces the level of oxygen in the bloodstream. It takes 3 molecules of Oxygen to metabolize 1 molecule of Alcohol. This is why using Boost Oxygen to supplement your oxygen intake will greatly reduce the after-effects of alcohol.

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Boost Oxygen recommend that you start your evening with two-to-three inhalations and follow these up with three-to-five inhalations the morning after. The Boost Oxygen Eucalyptus flavour works particularly well to rejuvenate the body and mind and relieve mental fatigue. You can help things along by flushing out the alcohol in your system by drinking plenty of purified water. Repeat every 15 minutes until the symptoms subside.

Boost Oxygen is available from selected outlets and online at a recommended retail price of just R290 for a 650ml canister with a capacity of 120 doses on a 1-second press.

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