5 Places That’ll Cool You Down in Hoedspruit

Hoedspruit in Limpopo can be a mighty hot place, so it helps to know where you can get out of the heat and cool down. Here are 5 things to do in Hoedspruit:

Ice Ice Baby

Hoedspruit Grill & Diner

On our list of things to do in Hoedspruit we have the ice cream at the Hoedspruit Grill and Diner

People who know Hoedspruit might know this as Ice Cream & Dreams. Despite the name change and a few new products on the shelf, it still sells a delicious selection of ice cream flavours. Plus they are now selling their famous sticky ribs. There’s a small outdoor garden set under thorn trees that makes for a good pit stop after shopping in Kamogelo Centre. It’s open every day, except Sundays and is open on Wednesday and Friday nights.

Kamogelo Centre Hoedspruit

084 563 1709

Oh my Hat

The Hat & Creek

On our list of things to do in Hoedspruit we have the Hat and Creek

If you want shade and green grass after a couple of days of dry bushveld, then The Hat & Creek restaurant is a good place to go. In the evenings as the sun goes down, the candles are lit and the boma fire crackles away.  This is where the locals go to hang out and the food is plentiful. The name comes from the story that Hoedspruit was founded when an adventurer tired of traveling came across the small creek, threw his hat down and said he was not moving.

R527 opposite Kamogelo Centre Hoedspruit 015 793 1135

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Love is in the Air

Love Bitez

On our list of things to do in Hoedspruit we have Love Bitez

This little pink and stripy café used to be outside town but has recently moved in a little closer to the action. It’s got an excellent iced-drinks range, but their Coffee Freezo definitely takes the cake. You can even find fresh sushi on the menu just in case a craving hits.

Kamogelo Centre Hoedspruit 082 783 3354

Cool Pampering

G&G Day Spa  24 Degrees South

On our list of things to do in Hoedspruit we have G&G Spa

This little spa is part of the Godding & Godding brand with spa products, a skincare range and amazing bedding made from silk. Set about 20 kilometres outside town with a view of the magnificent Blyde Mountains, the spa is a cool and peaceful retreat. Billowing white curtains surround the open-air massage rooms, and it’s wonderful to listen to the bushveld birds while you are being pampered.

R531 Hoedspruit  082 808 9203  www.goddingandgodding.com

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Degrees Cooler

24 Degrees South

On our list of things to do in Hoedspruit we have a motor museum

After coming out of the bush, this is the coolest place to shop with the whole family. This little, rambling centre set amongst shady thorn trees has something for everyone. With the smells of baobab, marula and fynbos in the air, guests can easily be tempted to part with their pennies. For the petrol heads, there’s a fantastic motor museum packed with vintage and modern cars. As for the kids? Let them run and explore the nooks and crannies this spot has to offer.

R531 Hoedspruit  072 467 3310

Words Sue Adams

Photographs Sue Adams and supplied

Leigh Hermon

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