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5 Things to Do in Simon’s Town

5 Things to Do in Simon’s Town
Aside from visiting the penguins at Boulders Beach there is an amazing variety of exciting and pleasurable things to do Simon’s Town. Here are 5 things Marianne Heron recommends…

Words: Marianne Heron

Pictures: David Morgan

1. Shark Diving

Shark diving seems to feature on a lot of bucket lists judging by the numbers who want to have the scary but safe experience of eyeballing great white sharks from the protection of a cage with snorkel and scuba gear.

An alternative is to watch great whites breaching or you can book to experience both encounters in the same trip.

African Shark eco charters: o82 8382309, www.ultimate-animals.com, [email protected]

simonstown_32. Revel in Museums
  • Simon’s Town has no fewer than four different museums to enjoy. The Simon’s Town Museum, Court Road, has its very own replica pub, a section devoted to the Great Dane of nautical fame Just Nuisance and lots of exhibits which give a fascinating insight into the history of the port. Contact: 0217863046
  • The South African Naval Museum, St George’s Street, housed in the old Mast House is packed with models of ships and subs , stirring tales of naval battles and the replica of a ship’s bridge. Contact: 0217863046
  • The Warrior Toy Museum is a model car,train and toy soldiers enthusiast’s haven where collectors can buy models. Contact: 0217861395
  • The Heritage Museum, King George’s Way, recalls the Muslim culture from the establishment of Simon’s town as the Winter anchorage for the Dutch East India Company until the 1968 Group Areas Act forced the removal of 7,000 people. Contact: 0217862302
3. Happy Shopping

A selection of refreshingly original boutiques along St George’s Street makes Simon’s Town a happy hunting ground. Try Anemone for charming designs, Saltwater and Nostalgie for vintage, Larij Works for nautical décor and model boats, and the Craftart Emorium for inspiring African craftwork.

4. Feast

There is something to suit every taste and time of the day. French style patisserie The Sweetest Thing and the Meeting Place are favourites for coffee or tea, The Light House Café Restaurant on the quayside for breakfast lunch and dinner (latter half of the week), the Salty Sea Dog for traditional fish and chips and Bertha’s on the waterfront for seaside fare.

5. Dive

Follow the penguin’s example and see sea life from below the waves, training and charters at Pisces Divers, Main Road.

Contact: www.piscesdivers.co.za, 021 7863766

…And don’t forget a visit to Boulders Beach to see the penguins


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