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6 reasons to visit !Khwa ttu

6 reasons to visit !Khwa ttu

An hour’s drive north of Cape Town, the San Culture and Education Centre at !Khwa ttu offers a wealth of unusual attractions. Here are 6 reasons to pull in.

By Fiona McIntosh. Images by Shaen Adey

  1. To learn about San languages. Did you know that there are more San languages spoken today than there are languages in Western Europe? There’s a San language in South Africa that is spoken by less than 10 people. Your !Khwa ttu Bushman guide will open the world of clicks, explaining how many clicks there are in the San languages, how to write the clicks and even how to make a click without loosing your false teeth.
  2. To meet the egg lady on the centre’s new Ethno botanical tour. Donika Dala is a !Xu lady who farms chickens at !Khwa ttu: her 23 chickens produce more organic eggs than the !Khwa ttu restaurant can use in their omelettes! Donika collects kitchen scraps and feeds her chickens, each of which has a name. As she tends to her brood she tells a story in her mother tongue that has been passed down the generations. Even if you don’t understand a word you can’t fail to be intrigued by her incredible body language, gestures and clicks.
  3. To shower under the stars. !Khwa ttu offers a range of lovely accommodation options including the Bush Camp, the Bush Village and the Bush House – all of which have open air showers.
  4. To get rid of the kids. !Khwa ttu has a kids’ holiday programme so you can spoil yourself in the restaurant while guide Andre Antonio takes the youngsters out for a bike tour. On the 90-minute outing they’ll learn how to track, to shoot a bow and arrow and to make fire.
  5. To learn from modern-day San about sustainability and healthy living. Take a guided garden tour and discover the many fynbos species that have been used as medicines for thousands of years, and how to produce medicinal tea.
  6. To get some exercise. Part of the West Coast Biosphere Reserve, !Khwa ttu has trails and farm roads where visitors can walk, run or cycle taking in the views, the game and the flora. Best of all !Khwa ttu is dog friendly so four-legged friends can join you on the trail.

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