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A winter wonderland in pics as snow hits SA

A winter wonderland in pics as snow hits SA

Last week, the South African Weather Service warned the nation about a major cold front set to make landfall from 1 to 3 July. The warning said that temperatures were set to dip below zero, residents should expect flooding in the Western Cape and the western and southern parts of the country could expect “disruptive snowfall”.

The weatherman this time was right as residents from snow-covered parts of the country took to social media to share their experiences. We found some of our favourites on Twitter and thought we’d share them with you.

Snow-capped mountains

The Swartberg Mountains were looking particularly beautiful from the Cango Caves Estate in Oudtshoorn.

And let’s not forget about Ceres or Worcester.

Why yes. That most definitely is a lion walking over a hill peppered with snow.

And here’s a giraffe too!

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Snow day anyone?

We love the look of these trees in Matroosberg.

You might be hard pressed to see any stars in Sutherland at the moment.

The South African Astronomical Observatory caught a gorgeous sunrise on video.

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It might be a good time to call the boss and say you’re just not going to be at work today.


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Do you want to build a snowman?

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