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Cape Infanta Grace House

Cape Infanta Grace House

Grace House Cape Infanta (2)Western Cape, Overberg coast

If we were any closer to the beach we’d have needed to swim up Grace House’s garden path. It was so well situated that it was easy to just sit on the deck and lap up the panoramic views.

Eventually, we managed to tear ourselves away from the view and explore a bit. A hike along the spine of Cape Infanta itself –the promontory named after one of Bartolomeu Dias’s officers, João Infante – seemed a good place to start. And it’s well worth the effort, as we saw numerous southern-right whales that apparently calve there every year.

We decided to venture out in the house’s kayak the next day and take a closer look, but for the moment we were content to stroll back home and listen to the cleansing crash of the surf and admire the sunset over the Breede River’s mouth.

By Nick Yell
Grace House 082 370 7711

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