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Old Mac Daddy

Old Mac Daddy

Old Mac Daddy
Grabouw, Western Cape

Old Mac Daddy NY (3)The last trailer I stayed in was in Greenville, South Carolina. My ex-wife and I were desperate to move out of a friend’s house where we’d apparently exceeded our ‘Stay as long as you like’ invitation. And the 60-foot long, 30-foot wide trailer we found, one of only six in a pine forest on the edge of a lake, made us feel anything but trailer trash. So when I arrived at Old Mac Daddy’s luxury trailer park in Grabouw, also in a pine forest on the edge of a dam, I thought I knew what to expect. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Not only is the level of luxury pretty much five-star in these air-conditioned Airstream trailers, their individually themed decor had me gasping in wonderment. Meals are served at the good on-site restaurant and, while I chose to soak up the views and frog choruses from my deck, there’s more than enough to do for those with ants in their pants.

By Nick Yell
Contact Old Mac Daddy: 021 844 0241, www.oldmacdaddy.co.za

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