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Babylonstoren is arguably one of the most exciting and interesting destinations in the Western Cape.

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Established in the 1692, the farm sank into a gentle, neglected slumber until bought by businessman Koos Bekker for his wife Karen Roos. It couldn’t have landed in more creative or innovative hands.

The eight-acre garden created by French architect Patrice Taravella for Karen is the anchor around which she built a stylish hotel of authentic-looking, Cape Dutch, self-catering cottages, a spa, three restaurants and a wine-tasting room and cellar.

The garden contains more than 300 edible plants, and daily tours fund a special education trust for the farm workers’ children. A must for hotel guests is a farm tour that takes in a hike up the Babel koppie, around the dam, along a river boardwalk and across lands cultivated with 39 varieties of prickly pears, fields of herbs for essential oil, and orchards and vineyards.

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Water is abundant at Babylonstoren and trickles in gravity-fed channels through the farm from the top dams.
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The early morning sun through the oaks at the beginning of the gravelled road that leads past the self-catering farm cottages.
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The hotel swimming pool, built like a farm dam.
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The bathroom at one of the self-catering cottages, with reclaimed marble tiles on the floor.
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Double four-poster beds dressed with dreamy white linen.

Words and Pictures: Di Wemyss

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