Robberg Peninsula Fountain Shack

Western Cape, Plettenberg Bay

On what is arguably South Africa’s most scenic stretch of coastline, the Robberg Peninsula Nature Reserve is a blazing beacon to those who enjoy hiking.

It’s one of the smallest, yet paradoxically beautiful reserves in the country, and has trails that criss-cross through forests and fynbos-covered hills, affording the outdoor enthusiast stunning views over Plettenberg Bay and a tumultuous Indian Ocean.

Whales are common in season and dolphins and seal sightings are pretty much guaranteed. The fountain shack fisherman’s hut is a very basic hikers chalet situated on a crescent-shaped beach on one of the most beautiful sections of the peninsula.

You need to walk about an hour to get there, plus carry your own food and sleeping bags, but if you are happy with basic facilities (bunks, mattresses, gas cookers, solar lighting and cold showers) there can be no better place to stay and enjoy nature.

The hut can sleep eight and is rented to one group at a time. At night and in the early morning, you will have the Robberg Peninsula all to yourself. It’s pure magic.

Robberg Peninsula Fountain Shack

0861 227 362 or 021 483 0190

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Words Dale Morris

Dale Morris

Dale R Morris is a multi-award winning feature writer, photographer and specialist guide, with more than twenty years’ experience in the art of travel writing and visual story telling. He regularly guides tribal and wildlife focused photographic expeditions to the far flung corners of the world, including destinations such as Borneo, East Africa, South America, India, Madagascar and the Antarctic. To join Dale on one of his upcoming tours, visit Oryx Worldwide Photographic Expeditions.

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