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Here’s How to Take 5 Days Leave and Get 24 Days Off in 2020

Here’s How to Take 5 Days Leave and Get 24 Days Off in 2020

You might still be fresh from your December holiday, but there’s no harm in getting a headstart on planning your next getaway. We took a look at the upcoming public holidays in 2020 and how they may be used to your advantage.

Here’s how you can take 5 days leave, and get 24 days of holiday over 5 mini breaks (and this doesn’t even include December). 


1. The Easter weekend is 4 days long

Since Human Rights Day on 21 March falls on a Saturday this year, the first opportunity to enjoy a long weekend will only be over Easter. The Easter weekend runs from 10 to 13 April – so that’s 4 days off from work without dipping into your annual leave days.

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2. Take 3 days and get 9 days off

The next opportunity presents itself later in the month with Freedom Day on 27 April, and Workers’ Day on 1 May. The former falls on a Monday, while the latter falls on a Friday, so you can take off the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and enjoy a nine-day break.

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3. Take 1 day and get 4 days off

Youth Day, 16 June, this year falls on a Tuesday, so if you put in leave for the Monday, you can kick your feet up for four days.


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4. We have a 3-day weekend on the cards

This year Women’s Day falls on Sunday 9 August and as a result, we get Monday 10 August off.

5. Take 1 day and get 4 days off

This year, Heritage Day falls on Thursday 24 September so put in for one leave day on Friday 25 September and you’ll have another four-day weekend in the bag.

TIP: It’s best to submit these leave forms well in advance before anyone else in the office gets the inside scoop on how to make the most of SA’s public holidays.

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