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The Battle of Talana

The Battle of Talana

Regular contributor, Andrea Abbott attended the Talana Live weekend, which commemorates the Battle of Talana every October

It was a super event as always, with lots of variety reflecting South Africa’s diverse culture and history in a very balanced way. ‘It’s a great learning experience, lots of fun and the best Nation-building exercise,’ she says.

Andrea shares some of her favourite photographs with us in the gallery below. 

Zulu warriors at Talana Live.
Boer re-enactors at Talana.
Indian dance troupe in their gorgeous costumes entertained the visitors to Talana Live.
Piper of the Pietermaritzburg Caledonian Pipe Band at Talana Live.
1909 Renault AX Racer was among the vintage cars on display in the Wheels Through Time exhibition at Talana Live.

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