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Judge Mogoeng Mogoeng is South African of the Year

Judge Mogoeng Mogoeng is South African of the Year

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng has been named as the 2017 South African of the Year. The award was decided by the South African public via a poll hosted on News24.

After reading the criteria for potential South African of the Year winners, News24’s panel of journalists and experts came up with the five names that were presented to the public in the South African of the Year poll.

Voters were encouraged to vote for their South African of the Year ahead of the Heritage Day public holiday.

The initial poll consisted of five super South Africans, before a final three were chosen. The five were Chief Justice Mogoeng, the Blitzboks, tennis ace Kevin Anderson, long jump World Champion Luvo Manyonga and artist Esther Mahlangu.

After the first round of voting, Manyonga and Mahlangu were eliminated, leaving Mogoeng, the Blitzboks and Anderson to battle it out for the honour.

Ultimately, after a week of voting, it was Chief Justice Mogoeng who South Africans favoured for the title with a whopping 52 percent of the vote.

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In nominating Chief Justice Mogoeng as a South African of the Year candidate, the News24 team wrote that he, “has proven to be a beacon of morality that provides a light for others to follow. He is consistent in choosing what is right and lawful, and demonstrates commitment to serving the people of South Africa above all.” It’s little wonder then that he was the runaway winner.

The South African of the Year award is now in it’s third year and aims to provide South Africans with a little extra gees over the Heritage Day public holiday, and something to think about late in the year.

“The South African of the Year is someone who, with a phenomenal achievement, made you extremely proud to be South African,” says Jan Scannell, the man behind the National Braai Day initiative and the South African of the Year awards.

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“This year, as always seems to be the case in South Africa, we have had impressive ups and downs; sometimes we can get too bogged down in the bad and forget the good. The South African of the Year award’s intention is for us to focus on the ups and to recall the positive effect that South African teams or individuals have had on the country. Clearly Chief Justice Mogoeng’s efforts in his position and his continued excellence have resonated with the South African of the Year voters in 2017!”

All five of the original 2017 candidates are truly exceptional South Africans, and their achievements should make us all feel proud to be South African. Every nominee has raised the spirits of the country at some stage throughout this year, and that is something to be positive about. In the years to come, I predict that we will have even more to be positive about in this great country of ours, the greatest country in the world!”

The “South African of the Year” is a registered trademark, of which the National Braai Day initiative is the legal custodian. In tune with all activities of the National Braai Day initiative, South African of the Year is being run as a non-profit project with the sole purpose of enhancing the Heritage Day public holiday as South Africa’s national day of celebration.

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