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Travel Tip – Plan Ahead to Save Big

Travel Tip – Plan Ahead to Save Big

Whether you decide to fly or go on a road trip, plan ahead to reap the savings benefits. FINAL

There’s nothing like heading down to the coast – the air tastes saltier, the people are more relaxed and the sun just seems to be brighter. One of South Africa’s most popular coastal excursions, for tourists and locals alike, is whale-watching. The vast 1 900km of coastline – from just north of Cape Town to Durban – welcomes these large mammals as they arrive at our shores to calve and nurse their young. Visitors can expect to see the majestic Southern Right whales along the Cape coast from June to November.

If whale-watching is something you have always dreamt about, start planning your trip to the coast now as peak season is almost over. In order to increase your chances of catching a glimpse of the visiting whales, it is advisable to stay within the area for at least a week.

Read more about Southern Right whales here.  

Planning your trip ahead of time can be beneficial.

  •  Airlines and hotels tend to release seats and rooms well in advance so book early to have a better chance of getting the dates you want.
  • If you can’t initially get the dates you want, keep checking back as airlines and hotels often release more availability nearer to the date of travel. –Avios, the travel rewards programme.
  • Many rewards systems give you points for fueling up at a certain station. Plan your pit stops so that you get those points.
  • Planning ahead also ensures that you will have none of that pre holiday stress, as everything is already organised.

What are your travel tips? Let us know in the comments below or join us at @SACLmag. To find out more about the Avios Travel Rewards Programme and to join for free go to www.avios.com.

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