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Where does tennis star Kevin Anderson like to relax?

Where does tennis star Kevin Anderson like to relax?

Life on the international circuit is pretty stressful for South African tennis star Kevin Anderson. That’s why he comes to Southbroom on the South Coast to relax.

What’s so special about Southbroom?

There’s so much that’s special about Southbroom, down on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast – the climate, the lush scenery and the great beaches. I’m lucky that my family has always had a holiday home there, and we still try our best to get there every summer for a couple of weeks.

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Number one for me when I’m in Southbroom is surfing. I’m certainly no pro surfer, but there’s little I’ve found on my travels that can beat Southbroom waves.

We spoke to Kevin Anderson about his favourite holiday spot

The golf course at Southbroom is only a close second to the waves, so it’s really great to spend time on the fairways as well. My wife Kelsey played golf at college and is still really keen, so I’ve been taking it a bit more seriously so that I can play with her. I’m an 18 handicap.

My enduring memory of Southbroom is the joy of taking to the tennis courts at the club to practise as an eight-year-old. It’s a stunning environment and I’m still sure to head off there and hit some balls when next I visit.

Southbroom is such an easy place to relax. There’s a fantastic slow pace, warm water, friendly locals and it still has that small-town feel. You really can put your feet up and de-stress, not worry about anything – just what I need when I’m looking for a break from the busy (and super-stressful) circuit. I arrive and instantly feel chilled.

A bonus of my visits to Southbroom is that Kelsey and I drive down from Johannesburg and stop over somewhere in the Drakensberg – my second-favourite place. We love the mountains and always make sure to fit in a hike or trail.Kevin Anderson tells us about his fave holiday spot in SA


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