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Winding Down in Wilderness

Winding Down in Wilderness

In the heart of the Garden Route in Wilderness, rivers, lakes and white sandy beaches set the mood for a perfect escape. Then mountains, valleys and indigenous forest gets added to the equation and it develops into a place to unwind and find inner peace.

Words: René de Klerk (Reporter at SANParks Times)

Pictures: René de Klerk and Hennie Homann


As soon as I set foot in the Ebb-and-Flow Rest Camp, I knew that I would enjoy everything nature had to offer. Little did I know that I found it very hard to leave at the end of my stay. Although my forest cabin was not really in dense forest, I immediately forgave them for placing it in a different kind of paradise.

_KM47170The raised wooden cabin is situated in the heart of the rest camp overlooking lavish green lawns, big trees, mountains and the Touw and Serpentine Rivers. This cabin is furnished with two single beds and everything else required for a comfortable stay in a self-catering unit. Each unit has a braai area next to wooden walkways winding through the rest camp.

You don’t have to go far to see a variety of bird species as the natural environment of the rest camp bring them to your doorstep. Once I spotted the bright red wings contrasting the blue sky, I knew it was my chance to attempt to take a photo of the famed Knysna turaco. To get the perfect photo however, is a bit of a challenge, especially since these active birds don’t seem to stay around for long.

_KM46740There are many other activities to do in and around the camp which includes a number of short hikes, canoeing, and mountain biking and fishing. You don’t have to be very fit to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

I met the last evening at the rest camp with many emotions as I knew that I had to return to the hustle and bustle of city life. Mother Nature painted the sky with colourful orange vistas while the weavers chattered in the background announcing the end of yet another beautiful day.

  • Location: A forest cabin at Ebb-and-Flow Rest Camp at the Wilderness section of Garden Route National Park.
  • View: Lush green grass and an abundance of water. Many bird species make the trees their playground.
  • Moment to remember: The colourful Knysna turacos with their colourful plumage paying short visits to the big trees around my cabin.
  • Who should go: If you are looking for a relaxing getaway with a variety of activities in the area then Wilderness is a great choice. This area is a paradise for any birding enthusiast.
  • Price: Forest cabins with two single beds are priced around R680 per night, depending on the season the booking is made.
  • Bookings: Online at www.sanparks.org/tourism/bookings/ or through central reservations +27-12-428-9111 or +27-82-233-9111. Email [email protected]

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