World Wildlife Day Celebrated in 5 Carefree Photos

In celebration of World Wildlife Day, we thought we’d take a look through our Image Club submissions for photographs that showcase the lighter side of life as a wild animal.

lion sleeping

If a pillow isn’t available, one has to make do with what’s available. Photograph by Nobby Clarke.

hyena bath

Hyena’s Jacuzzi party turned out to be a solitary event. Photograph by  Lynn West.

bird deer

When this Red-Billed Oxpecker got tired, he called for nature’s version of Uber. Photograph by Johan Luckhoff.

evelyn gibson

Was going for an epic Facebook profile pic, but all I got was this awkward smile. Photograph by Evelyn Gibson.

elephant hug

Let’s hug it out, bro. Photograph by Elmar Venter.

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