Scientists Successfully Recreate Spider Webs

Scientists in Sweden have created the strongest man made spider webs in existence.

These silk hybrid fibres are basically a lab made version of spider webs and almost as strong. So far scientists have been unable to create such fibres on a large scale, due to the fact that it is too expensive and difficult to do so with existing methods. This method also relies heavily on fossil fuels, which makes it undesirable in a modern world.

The new method makes use of spider silk proteins combines with cellulose from wood. Combining these two things is much cheaper and environmentally friendly. So friendly, in fact, that it can even be used as a biofunctional material during medical procedures.

According to the research from the Wallenberg Wood Science Center at KTH, this man made fibre is just as strong as the real deal. The medical implications are huge. This spider/wood hybrid could be used to build ligaments, or bind deep wounds.

Incidentally, human beings have known about the medical uses for spider webs for hundreds of years. Roman soldiers would often use spider webs to bind stab wounds on the battlefield.

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