Local Rhino Documentary Wins at San Diego International Festival

Stroop: Journey into the Rhino Horn War a documentary film about the war on rhino poaching won top honours at the San Diego International Film Festival on Saturday evening. Produced by filmmaker Susan Scott and TV presenter Bonné de Bod, the film received the award for Best Documentary at the festival.

It also won the Green Tenacity Award at the San Francisco Green Film Festival in September.

What’s the film about?

Susan and Bonné decided to delve into why rhinos were being killed in huge numbers. The two initially thought they’d only spend six months on the project, but after three years of investigating and filming, they were able to release the documentary.

They go to the frontline and interview rangers in Kruger, vets, activists, rhino orphan rehabilitators and police investigators. They even venture overseas to track the sale of rhino horn across our borders and even ask the buyers some tough questions.

You can watch the trailer for the documentary below.

The film is set for release this year, but if you’d like to preorder the film, you can do so through SBD Films. You can follow the filmmakers’ updates on Stroop‘s Facebook page.

Leigh Hermon

A journalist by trade, features writer on occasion and now the digital editor of SA Country Life. The first chance she gets, Leigh will tell you about a podcast she was recently listening to and how you simply have to make the move from radio. In a previous life, she once taught English on Jeju which left her with an insatiable craving for kimchi.

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