Snowmobile Riders Help Moose Stuck in Snow

South Africa is currently experiencing a heat wave, with temperatures expected to fall into the low 20s as soon as the rain starts falling. But even after that, we’re still looking at a few weeks of temperatures in the low 30s.

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At least we don’t have to deal with the ferocious cold the USA and Canada are facing at the moment. Only last week, record figures were recorded, with Canada posting wind chill temperature of -50 degrees Celcius. Obviously, new records for snowfall were recorded as well – not just in inches, but in terms of how quickly it fell as well.

An unfortunate moose found out just how quickly the snow can fall, as he got stuck up to his head in the stuff. For the record, the average moose is between 1,4m to 2,1m tall…

Luckily, 2 guys on snowmobiles came across him and dug him out. Watch their act of kindness below.

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