WATCH: A Honey Badger Takes on a Leopard to Rescue Her Baby

Once again the honey badger demonstrates its tenacity and sheer determination in this Kruger Sightings video.

Sahara Wulfsohn a guide at Kirkmans Kamp in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve filmed this incredible clip of a honey badger who rescues her baby from a leopard.

Sahara was informed of a female leopard sighting and immediately took her guests to view the elusive creature. The guide and her guests got more than they bargained for when they arrived to find the leopard stalking a baby honey badger. The video starts with the leopard holding its prey only to have its dinner snatched away. Watch as the events unfold below.

Some of us know better than to tangle with a honey badger, but according to Sahara this the leopard is still quite young and doesn’t know any better. This encounter is sure to have taught her a lesson.

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Leigh Hermon

A journalist by trade, features writer on occasion and now the digital editor of SA Country Life. The first chance she gets, Leigh will tell you about a podcast she was recently listening to and how you simply have to make the move from radio. In a previous life, she once taught English on Jeju which left her with an insatiable craving for kimchi.

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